Two Chapters of the Messenger Of The Way

Table of Contents


Prologue 5

Chapter 1 Breath of Life 15

Chapter 2 Visualizing the Breath of Life 22

Chapter 3 Colors 35

Chapter 4 The Five Principals 68
Rooted 70
Energized 77
Activate 80
Clarity of Mind 83
Project Emptiness 88

Chapter 5 The Sound Beyond Silence 100

Chapter 6 How To 112

Chapter 7 Why 115

Chapter 8 What For 118

Chapter 9 The Covenant 120

Chapter 10 The Wall 128

Chapter 11 Impeccability 138

Chapter 12 The Door to The New 149

Summation 162










This book was written for:


Those that seek The Way






Dedicated to:


The God that lives within us all, Jan who is the best half of my heart and intellect, the King’s Men and Women known and unknown, Jack, Chris, and Dustin for providing the sanctuary I needed to complete this work.












Beneath the twinkling stars, on an aqueous aqua orb, man strives to find his way. This is the condition of man from time immortal. From the beginning he has sought a better way in his world. Adapting, creating, copying, implementing, recognizing new limits, and finding ways to surpass them. It is his nature, his birthright and obligation. We now find ourselves in the 21st century, at least as we measure time. There were likely times before this age of man and there were likely different approaches to surpassing their limitations. Still today we cannot fully explain the manipulation of artifacts that seem too monstrous for primitive man. Could it be that there were times before our time where man for eons developed to the pinnacle of his species? Or, is there an extraterrestrial answer to that question? Regardless, for the purposes of this book we will assume that there has been a progression to something, that we are going somewhere, and that there is a way to get there. We represent the aggregate of our ancestry and we are here now due to the efforts of those who have gone before. We honor them, and we accept their sacrifices. We profit from their accumulated knowledge and move forward to surpass their imagined limitations. It is unlikely that we will ever truly break new ground or walk a path that has not been previously walked, but there are some paths that are “less traveled”.


In this light the term “The Way” is a path that refers to all that there is that can be sought in truth. The Way is layered with truths. All truth leads ultimately to the Creator. The Creator being defined as the unification of mind, body, spirit, space, time, and matter into perfection, therefore any true path leads to the understanding of all paths.


One of the “ways” is the Martial Way. I will often use this path as an example of how The Way works and how to think about integrating the thought processes into your path so you might find your way. The intention of this author is to try to follow a way that is American in nature. I come from a Judeo Christian background and I believe that Jesus Christ is the personification of The Way, but your way may be different. This book is about seeing how the puzzle fits together, integrating all the geopolitical and social religious philosophies into a cohesive understanding. It is about joining this thing that has been separated for millennia by religious and social self-righteousness.


The past explorers of this knowledge come from the world’s oldest societies who over vast generations passed the philosophy of The Way down through their societies to the present time. Many of the skills I will be relating to you are of course from them. It is also important for you to know that many more of these techniques come from the truth of The Way itself. You have heard the phrase “seek and ye shall find” or “knock and it shall be opened unto you.” I would humbly add “for those that seek, The Way can be found.” This is regardless of the mechanism of instruction or the individual race, politics, or “I knew this first” attitude prevalent in philosophy today. The Way is owned by no man, church, religion, or society.


Do not dwell on the idea that others have walked the path of The Way before you. Just realize that you represent some point along a path that is going somewhere. Some would say home, others might say Heaven. Maybe it is a path back and you are not learning, but surrendering to a memory. Regardless of the destination of the path and how to traverse it, the path you take represents your life and how you choose to live.


The macrocosm of the universe is infinite, and the totality of all things I define as God. Therefore, all individual things are a part of God. All that you can imagine, all of your dreams, conversations, fears, joys etc. are part of the total. Therefore the presence of the infinite (God) is part and parcel of everything. So from this point on, try to remove from your thought process any form of separation that you can imagine. The earth and all that inhabit it represent one of the infinite numbers of microcosms within the infinite macrocosm of God.


It could be that God set about investigating Himself. To do this He required a separate identity to give Him feedback about Himself. For example, when you try on that new outfit it helps to ask someone, “How does this look?” How would God do this if His consciousness was the only thought process present? Could it be that He sought out a singular part of Himself, a beautiful blue orb suspended within Him with the potentiality of supporting self-identity? There too slowly unfolds His consciousness into the atoms of this world until a separate identity could be born, thereby providing Him with the feedback needed to converse.


Was He amazed when His plan worked so well that when man reached an evolutionary level of understanding of his self-identity, he forgot that he was part of God? That man’s ego would claim self-identity to such an extent that he would become capable of developing personal illusions of grandeur? That man would seek out other men of like illusions and form societies? That societies would self-identify themselves as superior and separate to others and form boundaries, religions, social prejudice, and would be willing to kill to preserve their opinions of self-identity?


This writer postulates that The Way is the unfolding of God’s consciousness into the realms of man. The goal of man is to surrender into this unfolding totality, becoming separate yet one with God. This concept is important for what is to come in the following chapters of this book. I will utilize this concept to reveal to you The Way. The interplay between surrender and sensitivity to the totality of the macrocosm (God) is the key to the art of following The Way.


Great teachers and prophets have brought into the world of man this same message, but mostly it was through allegory, symbolism, and personal experience. I’m sure I will do the same, but I will also try to use physics and science, which often appear in opposition to the dogma of religious thought that states: “It is, because it is.” It is my hope to reveal that all things are part of the evolutionary path of The Way. The discussion is not about mysticism, but laws that are at the root of the mystery. For who among us other than God can see the whole picture. In our perception of reality it is all about energy in motion. Light, color, mass, density, time, speed, force and acceleration on one side, and sight, smell, hearing, touch, knowledge, memory, emotions and spirituality on the other. The underlying law is that one way or another all of those things represent frequency, i.e. energy in motion.


What is the essence of the Creator? What is the building block of life? What is it that forms the consciousness of man and our reality? We know from a scientific perspective, based on particle theory, that all of the things that we can see, touch, smell, and hear are interactions of molecules in motion. Therefore all molecules interact with each other based on the fluctuation of frequency.


When we see the color of a red rose, it is because the petal has absorbed all of the colors of the light spectrum except red. The red is reflected away, and this reflected light is what we see. This same color can be measured as a specific frequency by instrumentation. The smell of the rose can also be measured in terms of frequency by scientific methods, and our nose detects this same frequency as a fragrance. This information is then carried upon neurons to our brain where remembered or learned frequency patterns are analyzed and interpreted.


When we hear the rustle of the wind through the trees, or the sound of a bird on a specific branch of that tree, we can discriminate between the two sounds and locate the bird because of the differences in the frequency.

When we touch an object we can differentiate between smooth and rough, hot or cold, sharp or dull, because the tactile pressure against the nerve endings of our skin measures frequency.


These examples are simple expressions of the current of life. We might be tempted at this point to believe that frequency is the essence of the Creator, but notice that in the previous line I used the word current. If frequency is the current of consciousness, the carrier of information about molecules in motion, then what is the building block of a molecule? The answer to this is of course the atom. Interestingly enough, the atom has within it a frequency that carries a pattern of electrons, neutrons, and protons, giving each atom its own individuality. Recently science has discovered an even smaller particle called the neutrino and within this a “string.” Because this represents the smallest particle humans have perceived, let us assume that this represents the essence of the Creator. The smallest building block of what we call reality. It is my premise that this subatomic particle can be moved, combined, and manipulated to alter or expand one’s conditions within reality.


The reason this discussion is important is because identifying the essence of the Creator allows us to perceive creation. This is the key to understanding how we also impact reality as a creator ourselves. With this insight we might better understand the limitless nature of our being as we allow God to unfold his expressions of perfection through our life. How we in some small way can take our understandings to a new level.


I have chosen to often use the Martial Way or Martial Arts as an allegory to explain The Way. I want you to see how the techniques I will describe can be applied to all ways or paths. For example, your path along The Way may be through music, or family, or dance, etc.


We will focus on the art and this will carry our thought process into the creative realm of The Way. Notice the word “art.” This little word in the context of martial arts is the big difference between those that practice a fighting skill and those who become true martial artists.


An artist is a creator, one who can manipulate the essence of God into a manifestation. If this is true, the question that needs to be answered is, how do we manipulate the essence of the Creator?


Each of us develops specific characteristics, particular to our individual life experiences, but more seems to be involved. Clearly individuals are born into the world gifted with talents that allow them to excel in specific abilities. There are a multitude of possibilities for this phenomena and a discussion of those ideas would constitute another book. For the purpose of this discussion, the point must be made that all efforts to create as an artist are influenced by our own innate God gifted ability to do so.


I can’t seem to draw a picture for the life of me. I can visualize the scene, but no way can I reproduce it. Sure, if you gave me one of those pictures with the outlines of scenes with the numbers denoting the colors I could do a reasonably good job of coloring it, but it does not make me an artist at painting pictures. I can hear a tune in my head, but if I began to sing, the dogs would bark. I have taken years of mathematics, but I don’t think I can remember how to use basic Algebra anymore. The point being that the first step of manipulating basic skills into art is to work with what you have been born with. You must find your inherit strengths and build them into an art form.


The techniques to do this are what this book will teach you. I will be focusing on developing the martial arts as an allegory to the broader task of realizing The Way, but the techniques I will be using will help ANYBODY who seeks to take their natural abilities to new heights of creativity and along The Way, answer some of life’s most perplexing questions with possibilities and ideas that hopefully will add some peace of mind.


It is my belief that the mind, in tune with spiritual awareness and focused with will, is the mechanism that forms “strings” into a reality of our own creation. Terms like “where there is a will, there is a way,” or “seek and ye shall find,” or “knock and the door shall be opened onto you,” take on a deeper significance. There is a way that you can learn to surrender to God without loss of identity. There is a way to realize that your oneness with God allows you to be a creator. There is a way to take your talents to a new level. This is just one avenue and it is the path that I have walked. There are many paths as I have said, and they have all been walked. I have walked the martial way.


                     Chapter 1


Breath of Life



As the story goes, ancient and likely Tibetan, changed here to reflect an American boy’s quest, approaches a renowned teacher and asks:


Boy: Teacher, I want to learn about life. I want to learn how to fight!


Teacher: Boy, what is the most important thing to your life?


Boy: Hmmm, I do not know teacher.


Teacher: Go away!


Time passes. . . Again the boy comes to the teacher and asks, will you please teach me?


Teacher: What is the most important thing to your life?


Boy: Last time I said I did not know, hoping you would teach me. Now I do not know what to say.


Teacher: Go away!

Time passes. . . The boy driven by his desire to learn from this great teacher bolsters up his courage and once again approaches him.


Boy: May I follow you, as I wish to learn. I will not ask you to teach me, for that has not worked. I will simply observe your ways that I might learn.


The teacher looks at the boy and says nothing. He turns and walks down a path to a pond. The boy follows. When they reach the pond the teacher and the boy kneel by the water and observe their reflection. The teacher looks to the boy and asks:


Teacher: What is the most important thing in your life?


Tears appear in the young man’s eyes. The teacher, with mystifying speed, grabs the boy and throws him into the water. Holding the boy under the water at the ponds edge, the boy struggles to resurface, but cannot. He cannot hold his breath any longer; he will drown! At that second of realization the teacher pulls him from the water.


The boy begins coughing, gagging, and struggling to breathe.


Teacher: Boy, what is the most important thing to your life?

Boy: Crying out the young man gasps, “To breathe!”


Teacher: With a caring, but firm smile states: “Good, we will start there.”


Can you imagine that the great teacher is God? Can you envision that you are the boy? It would help if you could.


As the boy learns, and the teacher confirms, to breathe is the foundation on which the path to The Way starts. Breathing, we take it for granted, breath after breath, in….out. We hold it, blow it, sneeze it, cough it, etc. We don’t pay much attention to it unless we can’t get enough of it. In our bodies breathing is grouped under the category of involuntary response, which means we do not have to think about it for it to occur, but inhale a little foreign substance into the lungs and we choke. At times this can get dramatic. We sure think about breathing then! We fight to get any breath at all, and it is scary!


We have all experienced this. I’m not talking about those poor individuals with illnesses like asthma or pneumonia etc. I am talking about the everyday Jack or Jill who inhales some spit down the wrong tube and starts gagging until their throat constricts, and no air at all is exchanged. If there is no foreign object like a jellybean, we may even pass out, but because breathing is an involuntary process we start to breathe again. This is exactly what happened to the young man in the story.


Do you remember in the prologue where I discussed the neutrino and strings as the possible “God Particle”? Well this then implies that life is dependent upon the constant replenishment of the breath of life. Asian philosophers call this Chi. The flow of the essence of creation into, through, and around us. I will call it the Breath of Life or Chi, both meaning the same thing, but differing in name.


Within the body and the lungs specifically, there is an exchange of ions, primarily oxygen for carbon dioxide. On a molecular scale this is an exchange of frequency between positive and negative ions. Thus a current of frequency is created. This exchange provides revitalization to the body’s mechanisms of metabolism through oxygenating the blood, but much more is involved. This frequency of the breath of life also moves as a current along pathways called meridians. This is separate from the physiological flow of blood or current along neurons, as meridians are ethereal, and blood flow and neuronal flow is physiological. They all stem from the same inhalation of air, but differ in name and function. When we want to move our finger, our mind sends a depolarization or exchange of ion command within a nerve cell, down our spinal cord, to our arm, and finally to our finger. This is called an action potential. The pathway is called an efferent lower motor neuron. The end result is movement of our finger. On the other hand, if we send the thought of love to the tip of our finger so that our touch communicates this emotion to another person, then our breath of life flows along an ethereal channel to the tip of our finger and beyond. In both cases a force is created, one physical and one ethereal or spiritual. This brief explanation of the movement of force, whether it is physical or ethereal, is offered in this context only as to provide a conception of where I intend to go with this discussion.


The breath of life is not mystical and it is not performed with magic. The movement of oxygen through ion exchange in the lungs through the vascular system is an involuntary process, but a depolarizing nerve cell based on a mental impulse to move the flow of the breath of life (Chi) is both involuntary and voluntary, but also a natural process. Fluctuation or manipulation of the voluntary side of this frequency can be enhanced through training and thus can be a learned process. This process of learning to increase nerve depolarization speed, i.e. move a muscle fast, and breath or Chi to an end point in higher volume in the martial way, is the predominate difference between pugilistic combat arts and a martial artist. Before we continue to learn the higher concepts of the breath of life, let us first go over the basics.


First take a moment from reading this and take a deep breath. As you do this observe each step of what you do, or what your body does. Do you open your mouth or breathe through your nose? Do you expand your chest or does your stomach go out? Do your shoulders rise and if they do, is it from the air expanding from below or from the muscles pulling from above?


I suggest that you write down the steps you take so that you can compare them with the steps I recommend, and see how far or close you are to breathing properly.


The right way: You should always try to breathe through your nose. This warms the air and slightly constricts its flow. This constriction makes it necessary for you to use the muscles of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is just below the lungs and in a relaxed position curve upward. As you contract them they pull downward on the lungs like a bellows, pulling air in. As this occurs the downward pressure exerts a force on the stomach causing it to go out. For a deep breath, the diaphragm is fully contracted. Then by expanding the rib cage up and out with accessory chest, upper back, and neck muscles, the upper lobes of the lungs are inflated. When taking normal breaths do not lift the rib cage, only contract the diaphragm. Most people do the reverse of this and only inflate the rib cage and use the diaphragm very little. This over works the muscles of the upper back and neck, especially under stress. What this means is that a normal breathing rate is 16 to 18 breaths per minute. When we are under stress, or mild physical exertion, we increase our breathing rate up to and over 22 breaths a minute. Then the muscles of the upper back, chest, and neck which function as accessory breathing muscles, overwork causing tension and spasms. When we exhale we should follow a reverse order for deflation. First close down the chest and then relax the diaphragm. At the same time use the abdominal muscles to keep the flow out steady and consistent. It is proper to exhale out the mouth. The dynamic tension of the muscles of breathing should be balanced against each other in such a way that all steps are steady and flowing. There should be no catches, or any stuttering inhalations or exhalations.

Chapter 2


Visualizing the Breath of Life



We have come to a point in our training where I must start to reveal some of the esoteric concepts associated with The Way. As westerners, we often have a hard time conceptualizing things that we cannot see or touch. At times this is one of our greatest strengths, but it is also one of our greatest weaknesses. If you wish to experience The Way in the context of being something you can understand and influence, you will have to confront the possibility that you have closed your mind. You will need to allow yourself to see the big picture before deciding whether or not you are going to explore these explanations.


Often as Christians we protect ourselves spiritually by not allowing our thought processes to be influenced by concepts outside of what our Christian forefathers decided was Godly. Everything outside the box was ungodly, or evil. I agree that you must protect yourself from false information that might distort your path to the truth, but how do you do that without limiting God? If God is the Alfa and Omega, the beginning and the end, and all things are of and through him, then how do we judge evil if everything is him/her? All the different religions of the world have made a nitch for themselves for eons by deciding this question. History shows us that to the extent that their followers believe in their answers, judgments are made on all others who do not agree. This has led to persecution, misunderstandings, and war. I am pretty sure that there is not a single religion on earth that is perfect, just as I am sure there was only one man that was perfect. There were and probably are many prophets that were much more perfect than you or me. There were a few who surrendered their will sufficiently into the consciousness of God to become a member of the family of God and elevate themselves into the Kingdom of God. However only one man, who by allowing God to unfold within him, became one with Him in our world and by this act showed us The Way to peace on earth. Jesus had a relationship with God and in that relationship he surrendered all his limited ideas unto an unlimited God becoming God in the family of man.


We can expand our understandings outside the box of our religious protection only if our prayers are true and we know how to feel for the Spirit of the Comforter who is God. In its simplest form it is called faith, the faith that God guides, guards, and protects us. These are the comforts he promises if you ask in faith for his guidance. His truth appears as a revelation to us (like a light bulb coming on) and always will be accompanied by an understanding, and all understandings must have a confirmation.


This is the type of prayer that unbinds you from finalized notions:


Dear God, help me to see and understand the things that you would have me see and understand. Protect me from limiting my understandings and the ability to serve you based on my own fears and from the ordinances of man. Help me to help others in accordance with your will, not mine. Help me not to tie myself down to finalized notions of your glory. Help me always be a true humble and meek servant unto your will for yours is the kingdom and the glory forever. Amen.


As I have stated before, frequency is the current of life. The breath of life is a mechanism that brings that current into and through our bodies.


In his discourse to the women at the well of Samaria, Jesus said, “God is spirit and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Interestingly the word spirit comes from the Latin word Spiritus. The root meaning of this word is interpreted to mean “to breathe, to blow, and to live.” Thus spirit is the breath of life, the Devine breath which God is breathing out, and man is breathing in.


Often life reveals interesting peculiarities. One of these appears to be the rule of sevens. All through the Bible, seven is used over and over again. There are seven tones to a musical scale and there are seven colors when light is passed through a prism. It has been presented to you that light, and in particular color, is also a frequency. If frequency is the current of life, then it could be said that color is part of the character of the frequency of life.


Within the body there are seven primary energy centers called Chakras. Physiologically there is also nerve switching points called Ganglions in the same areas that the Chakras are said to be in. Each Chakra is said to be represented by a specific color. The seven colors ascending from the bottom are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each color indicates that there is a character (color) change in the internal frequency of the current of life.


When John (of Revelation) had the vision of the throne of God, he states that God was seated in a rainbow of color, and that there were seven torches round about that represented the seven spirits of God. Could it be that the breath of life (spirits) replenishes these centers? There are secrets here, but this is not the time to discuss them. What is relevant at this point is for you to become familiar with the terminology.

Movement of frequency, or energy, from the breath of life (Chi), comes from the macrocosm of God to the microcosm of man. There are techniques that can improve this interaction. Learning this, reveals that life is an ebb and flow of energy from God to man.


Most of you have heard of the phenomenon of seeing colors associated with the human being. The term for this is aura and although you may believe it is possible to see this manifestation, it has not been your good fortune to see it. Am I right?


Isn’t that usually the case? Somebody else always seems to be able to see or do something extraordinary. They tell you about it, and you sit there wondering why you can’t or haven’t been able to do it. Kind of hard to stay with the program when you are always left to believe without seeing it for yourself, isn’t it?


I am going to assist you to see it for yourself and when you do, I hope it will be easier for you to conceive that the breath of life can be manipulated. That there is a way that you can line up with God’s will and become a creator.


Okay, this is simple. Just try to do what I say and hopefully a light will come on. Sit or lie down, be comfortable, close your eyes and take ten breaths using the technique I have described above, and breathe deeply. Take your hands and place the lower part of the palms on your eyes. Apply some pressure, continue to breath, and don’t hold your breath. Relax; nothing bizarre is going to happen. As you carry out this task allow yourself to look into the back of your eyelids. What do you see?


Only a small portion of you will be unable to see the moving colors. If you don’t see anything but black, do not be discouraged. I know you will soon, and do not believe for a second that you won’t! For the majority of you that do see the colors, what colors are they? If it is red you see, then your pragmatic self will say, “It’s just the blood inside my eyelids,” but what if it is green, or blue, or yellow? How will you explain that? You will likely try to explain it away! This goes back to the open mindedness I was referring to earlier. Just ride the current until I can, through the course of this book, give you a larger perspective to work with.


As I said before there are secrets here. For example, you likely saw at least two colors and some of you saw three. Remember there are seven colors. Why did you only see two or three? If you saw blue with green spots one day, and red with yellow blobs another day, what does that mean? The answers to these questions are not as important as the questions themselves. The questions are the signposts on the path along The Way. If you are not motivated to find the answers then give it up. You will never in this lifetime walk this path. The path for you is where your questions take you. The old “seek and ye shall find” scenario.


For those of you that saw only black after repeated tries over an extended time, you must think about your motivations. What are you seeking? What is the limiting factor to what you seek? Have you limited your philosophy by preconditioned boundaries based on fear? For fear is the first enemy to progress along the path of The Way. If you fear to the point of inaction in any endeavor, then you will go no further.


Alright, now that you have experienced looking at a mind’s eye view of what your own aura looks like, realize this is only a color perspective of your own aural colors and not a third person view of how they encompass your body. It is a start and more importantly, it will help you visualize the colors of the breath of life so that you can use the visualization techniques that the preceding pages have brought us to.


As previously mentioned, the concept is that the God particle or neutrino, reduced further down to a string, is so small that it can be directed with psychically focused will. Therefore with this in mind, and having had the opportunity to see what I mean by colors, I can now give you the instructions on visualizing the breath of life and how to infuse it into your body and energy systems.


The process is as follows: Sitting comfortably, or lying on your back, in a quiet surrounding with no probability of being disturbed. Quiet your mind and try to turn off the internal dialogue going on in your head. Many people experience a “runaway mind” when trying to quiet themselves. If you experience a rush of things you should be doing, grab a notepad, and write down everything that comes to mind. Once everything is written, the mind can quiet itself and you can proceed with this exercise.


Focus your thoughts on a color. I would prefer you use green or blue. As you start your deep inhalation, utilizing the technique I have described using your diaphragm and breathing through your nose, visualize a color coming and forming around you. Note here that you are not breathing this color into you. Instead you are gathering and visualizing that the color is forming around you as you are inhaling. If you cannot visualize the color then spell the color, or use any technique you can to focus your will to the color. For example, think of grass to visualize green or the sky to visualize blue. As you exhale imagine the color entering into the center of your head, then moving down your body to an area approximately two inches below your navel. When you have visualized it there, see the pocket of color as a ball that is expanding bigger and bigger until it expands outside the body and envelops you in a sphere of that color. You are to breathe as slowly as possible and hold your exhalation as long as possible while maintaining the image of being enveloped by the color. Then start again. Work on your breathing so that you can handle the slowness of the breath without needing to take a corresponding quick breath to maintain rhythm. Do not overdue this, and start with no more than five breaths. There will be some experts reading this that will be cringing with exasperation about the posture I have suggested to you. Realize that ideally a good meditative posture is the best position to be in, but those positions will come later if you want them too. For now breathing and visualization are hard enough without adding strict sitting postures. If you do this right before bed, actually while in bed, you may experience vivid dreams. The downside of being in bed is that the technique can give you so much energy that you are no longer sleepy. So experiment, there will be many things that I will suggest that you can do with this. For now just start getting familiar with breathing correctly and visualizing the colors entering into your body upon exhaling.


Now you might think to yourself, “I can see these colors; I can even imagine that they envelop me, so now what?” There are many goals that are related to this visualization technique, some of which are related to good health, self awareness, and personal energy storage. For the purposes of this book, martial arts techniques will be used as a vehicle that can show you The Way. As described before, the breath of life represents the flow of energy to you, through you, and out from you. This energy is often called Chi, and here also called the breath of life, is the foundation of all the techniques that follow. Easily a lifetime could be spent in studying and perfecting the skills and utilization of this amazing gift. There are many books in literature that describe what the colors are, what they mean, and what to do with the breath of life to affect different aspects of this moving, living light spectrum within us. Remember color represents frequency, and frequency is the current that directs life’s intents, and molds our reality.


This concept is so important to the following chapters that I feel the need to recap: There are seven primary colors when light is passed through a prism. There are also seven aura concentrations within the body, and these have been called Chakras. Interestingly, there are also seven nerve switching centers within the body that match the seven Asian designated Chakra areas. These are called Ganglions. A study of the literature reveals no correlation between these two descriptions, i.e. Chakra vs. Ganglion, one being energy (The Breath of Life), the other being nerve switching stations, but the coincidence is stunning.


The Chakra from the bottom up represents the ascending order of the seven colors. These are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Also, remembering that color has a frequency and that frequency has a pitch, let us say that these seven areas of color also represent a musical octave, i.e. Red = C, Orange = D,

Yellow = E, Green = F, Blue = G, Indigo = A,

Violet = B.


Using the visualization technique described earlier with your palms on your eyes, what color or colors do you see? A good practice is to remember what you see and at a later time, when you have completed this exercise, write down the date, the color or colors you saw, and some reference to the day that preceded your exercise. You will be looking for patterns. For example, did the day leave you feeling angry or happy, did you wish deeply for an ideal, or maybe even find yourself praying for someone or something? Lastly, add what the day was like physically. Did you have a runny nose, a headache, or a nervous stomach, etc.? For many, keeping a journal with these points over a period of time will comprise a very interesting document for going back over your experiences.


In the following pages I will tell you what I believe the colors mostly mean. There are many books that surely do a better job of describing Chakra colors and their meanings. Depending on your interest in this subject you can easily seek out this material for further consideration. Then utilizing the techniques I described before you can look to your own experiences of that day. When you see what colors are visible in your mind’s eye, correlate them to where your spirit or thoughts were living that day. You might have desired a change, found an emptiness that might have been filled, or an attitude that could have been directed with greater wisdom and effect.


Herein lays one of the great questions or gifts of The Way. Can you with practice, focus the breath of life into changing the emotions within you? Can you project a more positive energy into the reality around you? Can your life become more objective instead of subjective? It is my belief that you can, but there are many dangers with forcing your worldview into reality, into a conversation, or even into a confrontation.


You must commit to reading the full text that I am submitting, so that you may integrate the appropriate checks and balances for fear of your soul! Ultimately and without arrogance I tell you that I believe God has given me this insight so that I might share it to you, but there is a big difference between your will and the will of God. His kingdom come, His will be done, not yours! The Way beckons, the Dark Way pulls. Be a wise grasshopper, or be lost!