Revelation of The Way

If God shows you THE WAY, then it is a revelation to you.

No revelation comes without understanding, and no understanding comes without a confirmation.

Changing the Paradigm

"It is important for you to change your paradigm from asking God to be with you, to asking God to help you be with Him, because God is always with you!

Accepting this is the secret to being Energized"

In the silent awareness of a mind…

"In the silent awareness of a mind free of noisy thought

The ever-present frequency of life

Sings a song of melodious life

The pitch is high

Sometimes low

Always seeking the harmonic of the mind's eye."

“It” not created from nothing

"In Quantum Theory, "it" was not created from nothing.

It was manipulated into something from something, not something from nothing, and that something has forever changed."

The family of Man and God

"Individuals like Buddha and Mohammed found a Way to become one with the God family, unlike Jesus Christ who was and is the manifestation of God, into the family of man."

In His Box

"No man can put God in a box! God is NOT ours, we are His, and we are in His box.

By laying no claims on God, allows God to claim us."

A dream

"Everything we are or can be is merely a dream we weave in God's consciousness."