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Gary Musgrave BA, BS, DC, CCSP, CCEP – Dr. Gary Musgrave is an extraordinary chiropractor and author who practices in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. He brings 22 years of experience and 21 years of education to a mobile Chiropractic solution. He is licensed to practice in Idaho.

Gary's Story


Dr. Gary MusgraveI am 56 years old and have been married for 35 years. I have 12 years of post high school education and received my BA in Education from Graceland University. This is a church affiliated university and it is here that I studied world religions. In fact, some of the experiences during this time period became foundations for material in this book, as you will read in the section “Projecting Emptiness.”

I received my Doctorate in 1988 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. In 1994 I received an advanced degree as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician from National Chiropractic College. In 2009 I received an additional certification as a Chiropractic Extremity Physician from Southern California University of Health Sciences. I have performed more than 200,000 treatments over a 22-year career. This has allowed me to investigate and practice the concepts found in the chapter on “Colors.”

Energy, wisdom and martial arts

I have practiced and taught martial arts for 36 years and have trained a number of advanced degree martial artists, up to and including a sixth degree black belt. Under this influence you will see throughout the book a reference to martial arts, Asian philosophy, and a deep understanding of the movement of energy often called Chi. I call this the “Breath of Life.” This enlightenment allowed me to write the section of the “Why” which explains the philosophical and spiritual perspectives of the Asian peoples.

It has been my honor to spend two summers on Indian reservations where I became aware of the spirituality of the original peoples of America. I have written a concise description of this in the chapters “How To” and “The Wall.”

On adversity, miracles and dying

For anyone who seeks to impart a great wisdom into the world there is a price to pay. In my case the price has been dramatic. I have died twice, once when I was very young. I do not remember this, but I was told that my survival was thought to be a medical miracle.

The second time I died was when I was eleven. I was returning home from Little League practice when I was struck by a car. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital I died. I was later told that the ambulance crew had succeeded in resuscitating me, but had to perform CPR all the way to the Emergency Room where I was then stabilized. At this time I cracked my neck, fractured my skull and several other bones, and my left Sciatic nerve was cut in half from a deep laceration to my buttocks. I was informed by the doctors that I might walk again someday, but in braces.

During my extended stay at the hospital my parents somehow managed to provide me with a TV. Often in that age group kids can be cruel, and the boy in the bed next to me would take my TV and refused to share it with me. In response to this, I somehow managed to unfasten the halo traction from the chain, lowered the bed rail, and pulled my injured leg out of the bed intent on delivering justice.

Of course, when I attempted to stand up I immediately fell, striking my back against the bed. Just before I fell unconscious I heard a loud “pop.”  When I awoke the next day it was as if somebody had sold tickets to the hospital personnel, offering each and every one of them the opportunity to come and reprimand me!

The doctors now feared I would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of my life. Amazingly, one week later the sensation started to return to my leg and within 2 weeks I started to walk, although it more resembled the gait of a wounded duck. 

It took me 10 years to realize that I had received my first adjustment by the hand of God. The result of this miracle was that the severed tube of my Sciatic nerve perfectly lined up allowing the nerve to regenerate down the previously misaligned nerve sheath. Instead of being crippled I became an outstanding athlete in wrestling, martial arts, and football. I was even honored to become a college All-American football player.

The Way of God

I have told you this story for context, for after that near death experience my life was full of wonder, mystery, and adventure akin to a science fiction novel. There were many more injuries and near death events along this path of The Way, but I was always comforted and directed to a perspective of peace and hope. This comforter I realized was God, and through the following years I turned inward to His presence within me. As I did this I became aware of techniques and principles that embody a way for individuals, people, and peoples to heal and advance their lives in all endeavors towards enriching themselves, their families, and their societies.

Now 45 years later I have been tasked by my inner voice to bring these principles to the knowledge of those who are ready to hear it. I therefore present to you the “Messenger of The Way” for your consideration.

- Gary Musgrave